Rapid Response Gas Scrubber / Fluid Scrubbers

Rapid Response Scrubber (RRS) is a portable gas scrubber. It is a mobile and fully self-contained service requiring no external power source for Shutdown and Turnaround Operations.

Portable gas scrubber utilizes a technology that is flexible with various applications such as vacuum truck venting & pressure bleed downs. This unit is capable of treating sour fluids and tank venting operation.

During the plant shutdowns and ongoing maintenance our Rapid Response Scrubber (RRS unit) will safely protect your operation from H2S, SO2 and other noxious gasses.

RRS unit is capable of treating sour fluids and vapors present during Shutdowns and Turnarounds. presence of sour gasses can lead to escalating costs and increased downtime. Our Rapid Response Scrubber will keep your staff safe from lethal gasses.

mobile h2s scrubber